In Armenia a beverage with Dietan properties is called TAN (Ayran).
The inhabitants of highland villages of Armenia since the ancient times possessed the secret of making TAN (Ayran). They kept a secret of TAN (Ayran) recipe carefully.
In the middle of the XIX century Russian doctors became interested in the secrets of Caucasian longevity. Doctors concluded that TAN (Ayran) has antibacterial properties and cures many intestinal diseases perfectly.

Caucasian legend

But it was not easy to get the starter culture of TAN. The Highlanders kept the TAN recipe strictly. Elders warned young dzhigits that if they gave even a small portion of the starter culture to a stranger, all TAN would die.

The legend says that an Armenian ardent prince could not resist to charms of a Russian beautiful girl and thus young beauty took possession of TAN secret.
Making a proposal of marriage, the Armenian passionate prince gave to the young beauty not a half of the kingdom but only 10 pounds of TAN starter. Therefore this drink came to Russia and now it became the property of the whole Europe.

Folk legends say about the beneficial effects of TAN (Ayran) to a human health. Caucasian Beauties knew that to have a slim figure and a beautiful complexion it was necessary to drink TAN (Ayran) every day.

In addition, TAN (Ayran) was used as a perfect thirst-quenching drink which was good in restoring water-salt balance in the body. Caucasian dzhigits also knew that TAN (Ayran) helped with obviating the alcohol withdrawal.


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